Design Services


Design Services

Each project that Agile Systems takes on is tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Our engineering teams have the expertise and drive that is needed to complete the tasks that our customers need. At Agile, we understand the importance of having a set process to guide the progression of any project. Here is a summary of our project timelines:

1 -- Feasibility Assessment and High-Level Architecture

  • Technical feasibility analysis
  • Architecture – focused on an end-designed with simplicity and elegance
  • Hardware and software partitioning
  • ID Risks, low and high
  • End product and customer satisfaction are always main priorities

2 -- Design Creation and Implementation

  • Software design
  • Electronic
  • Firmware
  • DFX
  • Open Feedback and Feedforward channels

3 -- Prototype Development

  • Build and test
  • Prototype however many iterations required
  • Close collaboration with proven suppliers and vendors 

4 -- Testing and Debugging

  • Test subject documentation
  • Test tools development
  • Test development and multiple executions
  • Multiphasic testing
  • Debugging

5 -- Production and Deployment

  • Product manufacturing and release


Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Agile Systems has extensive digital, analog and FPGA design experience ranging from large gate-count SoC with embedded CPU, DSP-based mixed-signal, to extremely low power RFID. Getting things done right the first is always a priority for Agile and with our procedures and methodology, efficiency is the end result.

  • Agile Systems' engineering and project management team follows the development process  from concept, design, qualifications to manufacturing.

  • System/subsystem design, integration, and verification

  • Rapid product development and verification

  • Analog for high efficiency regulator, low power and management, high voltage (500V+), small signal conditioning, ADC, DAC , Sensors

  • CMOS Image sensor interface, 2D camera, ISP systems

  • High-speed circuit board design: DDR3, PCIe, USB3, RS422/485, , CAM and high speed LVDS,

  • Hardware and firmware processing trade-off analysis

  • EMI/RFI and ESD analysis

  • Power, thermal. signal integrity and ground analysis

  • Schematics and PCB layout

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Software and Firmware

Software and Firmware

Agile Systems' software development expertise ranges from app development to optimization over a diverse set of RTOS platforms and kernels. Proven processes designed for embedded product designs makes Agile the ideal partner for the most challenging embedded systems. Agile Systems expertise includes:

  • Real-time embedded firmware design and development for ARM7/9, PowerPC, MIPS, MPC, DSPs, and the latest embedded hardware accelerators
  • Device Drivers for Linux, Windows, and embedded systems with a defined abstraction layer
  • RTOS (embedded Linux, ThreadX, GHS, uBlaze, etc.) and BSP
  • I/O Connectivity including Ethernet (10M/100M/1G), networking stack, USB, USB 3, CAN, PCIe, and high speed interfaces
  • Application Software, GUI, and test tool development
  • Motion Control using COTS or proprietary chips
  • Work flow development for printing, vision systems, job management and optimizations
  • Image processing using Agile proprietary solutions from RIP to print ready data, and computer vision
  • GPU with CUDA for image processing and analysis
  • 2D and 3D Imaging using IR and 2D sensors
  • Platforms: Linux (User and Kernel spaces) Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OSX and Database 
  • Device drivers.
  • Scripting for test and build automation on AWS and Azure Cloud services

Testing and Prototyping

Testing and Prototyping

With every product that Agile Systems produces, there are extensive trials and tests put in place to make sure that they are functioning without defect. During prototyping and other pre-production stages, Agile Systems makes sure that the solutions are run through their paces.

Agile Systems implements different testing strategies according to different projects to meet the needs for the test-subject and more importantly, to benefit the customer. Producing a finished product fast and efficiently does not mean trading quality.

Our dedicated lab space is equipped with the tools and technicians needed to test the hardware developed in-house and that of our customers. For every project that we take on, testing is key to ensuring that it does what the customer requires. Key to testing is documentation and intense scrutinizing of each test subject. Once problems are found, thorough investigations are conducted before debugging.

Quality and efficiency is why Agile Systems is so attractive to its customers. The software and hardware products developed by Agile are tested methodically to ensure efficient and smooth usability.

Agile Test Framework:

  • Test subject documentation
  • Custom test tool development and engineering
  • Rigorous multiphase testing and quality assurance
  • Debugging
  • Repeat testing where needed
  • Test automation
   Prototype Development is key to understanding the potential success of new technology. 


Prototype Development is key to understanding the potential success of new technology. 


Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Integration at Agile Systems takes bringing diverse systems together seamlessly through ingenuity and creativity. Agile Systems uses the latest tools and engineering practices to create quality solutions at every stage of development. Mechanical designs are essential to making precise tools, test beds, and prototypes.

Agile Systems' mechanical expertise lies in:

  • System-wide design and architecture
  • Electromechanical design and integration
  • Structuring and component modulation
  • Materials analysis and selection
  • Test-bed/mount/fixture design and development
  • Motion control
  • Servomotor and gearing integration
  • In-house 3D Printing and prototyping

Software Tools: Solidworks, ProE, AutoCAD, MatLab, SketchUp, Cura

Printing Products and Enablers

Printing Products and Enablers

Print Controller: For TIJ print heads:

  • HP TIJ25 and TIJ2X print heads
  • Internal Image Generation 
  • 1D and 2D Bar code generations
  • On the fly VDP
  • External LCD and Keyboard/pad Support
  • RFID Encoding for ink cartridges
  • Print Head energy and temperature control
  • Drop counting and ink level sensing and report
  • External and Internal Encoder capability with various print resolution support (150, 300, 400, 600 and 1200 dpi)
  • External sensor interface
  • External Alarm and Light tower support
  • USB 2 and Serial (Ethernet Optional)
  • Wifi and BLE Optional
  • Host GUI for Message Composition and Editing 

Printing Enablers:

  • Print Bar and Mechanism
  • Print head carriage
  • Servicing and capping modules
  • Electro-mechanical Components
  • IPs

Fully Integrated TIJ Coding System:

  • Vacuum based Transport
  • Friction feeder with adjustable speed and speed matching with transport
  • Ideal for envelop, direct mail, pouch printing
  • Vision system for in-line real time inspection  fully integrated with Host and Print controller


Fully integrated printer, in-line camera, vacuum transport and feeder

Fully integrated printer, in-line camera, vacuum transport and feeder