Our Team


Mike "Ming" Liu started Agile Systems in the Spring of 2003 and has been the main thruster behind Agile Systems’ development. Described by colleagues as a driver, the best way to see his effects is in Agile Systems’ record of fast-paced completion of quality products. Ming is responsible for operations at San Diego office, and customer and partner relationship in both US and Asia.

Ming has 25+ years of industry experience in product development from concepts to high volume production. He previously held senior technical and management positions at Hewlett Packard and semiconductor industry.  Ming graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University with emphasis in digital and computer systems. He is also certified at UCLA Technical Program Management.

Jason T. Smith joined Agile Systems in Summer of 2007 as a software developer. He is now the CTO and leads all of the architecture and software development at Agile Systems. Jason is responsible for our Boston office operations in addition to his CTO role. 

Jason brings expertise in system architecture, image processing, software and FPGA development to numerous projects at Agile Systems, from concept to full production. Some of the products he helped innovated and commercialized are large scale digital printing presses for label and high speed industrial printing, Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Colorado, Boulder. He also participated in MBA Program at SDSU.

At the Office

Agile's teams collaborate in a tight-knit environment where everyone is familiar with what tasks are being carried out. These factors are key to Agile Systems' success, encouraging productivity and involvement. We pride ourselves in our diversity and the values that it produces for our customers. The reason for Agile Systems’ innovative edge has been the open line of communications between each company division.

Our office-space hosts a dedicated laboratory for R&D, testing, and prototyping.